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India Pushkar and Rishikesh New May 2011

India Holi Festival New May 2011

India Rajasthan New May 2011

India Gokarna New May 2011

Some photos of Ireland 2010 New May 2011

Sri Lanka

India 2009/2010

A new family member....

India Chennai towards Home

India Thanjavur to Andaman Islands

India Kochin to Thanjavur Download Video here

India South 2008/2009 Download Video here

Allihies Horse and Pony Show

Walking one evening April 2008 Home again

India March 2008

Vietnam February 2008

Interview d'un petit garçon cambodgien

Egypt NEW Continued

Interview d'une petite fille egyptienne

Le tube de Tom, Tom's MP3 single 3 megabytes

Egypt diving and Dahab

Back in ireland, dog, garden and shed


Laos North to South

Thailand 2007 Leaving Koh Tao

Thailand 2007 Koh Tao (Still)

Thailand 2006 Koh Tao

Dive Photos Ireland

Tom talent contest

Ireland again


Janvier 11-2006

Charles Diver...

Philippines December 2005

inside the house in ireland

Derniere Mise à Jour 4 Sept 2005

28 Juillet 2005

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